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513 761 0700 
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K.E.L.L.Y. Youth Services Programs
K.E.L.L.Y. Youth Services 800 Compton Road  /  Unit 11 / Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
For more information concerning our programs, please contact Tiffany Kelly, Administrator E-mail: KYSInformation@fuse.net.
K.E.L.L.Y. Youth Services Inc. expanded its 24-hour private noncustodial care to a new concept that provides a safe beautiful home filled with empowerment and hope for a different, yet equally critical, demographic in the greater Cincinnati area. The maternity transitional independent living program will be located within Hamilton County, Ohio. This program will be available to young disadvantaged and/or pregnant moms aged 14-21 who are currently in the care of the State of Ohio. Specialized program offerings: Shelter Nourishment Life-skills Training Job Preparation and Readiness Career Planning Parenting Classes Our trained and licensed professional staff will provide a family-style environment that ensures acceptance which is necessary during the challenging season in the undeveloped mom’s life. KYS recognizes that we can give the young mom and her unborn child what they need to not only survive, but thrive. We can achieve this goal with the help of our community. For placement consideration contact our Intake Coordinator.
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