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In 2014 KELLY Adult Services (KAS) launched to assist in meeting the needs of adult ex- offender population reentering society from the jail and prison systems.  The mission of KAS has a two-fold objective: Be ex-offenders “One Stop Shop” resource provider of  housing, employment and guidance. Long-term objective to provide local, state and federal courts with an alternative to incarceration for ex-offenders. KAS is currently contracted with the United States Probation  & Pretrial Services to provide emergency housing to ex-offenders. Housing: Upon being released from confinement procuring suitable housing that is nonthreatening to ex- offenders newly earned freedom is the first of many obstacles.  Therefore, in April 2016 KAS opened the door to its first Male Adult Emergency Housing Facility. This location is an eight (8) bed facility that offers a clean, safe, structured temporary place for ex-offender to call home. Employment: Dealing with potential employers is never an easy task for anyone with a criminal record. With the stigma of having a felony background and no access to  a network of employers willing to look beyond what is referred to as, “The Box” (i.e. check “Yes” if you have ever been convicted of a felony) the likelihood of securing a job with a competitive wage is greatly diminished. To assist our clients’, in May 2016 KAS initiated an On-The-Job Training (OJT)  Janitorial  Maintenance certification program.  The  program consist of 65 hours of class/hands on training  where upon successful completion  can lead to job placement with one of many in-network KAS companies  willing to look past “The Box”. Although in its Infancy, the program can proudly boast of a 100% job placement rate.   Guidance:   KAS offers ex-offender ongoing guidance through mentorship; this method will be the support system to help bridge the time gap and bring ex-offender up to speed during the transition period.
Tiffany Kelly, Administrator E-mail: KYSInformation@fuse.net.