Supplemental Education

Our Supplemental Education program allows us to provide each client with a variety of educational outings. These outings are intended to not only educate the student in everyday tasks but also provide them with an enjoyable learning experience involving their interests. These may include cooking classes, collaborations with industry partners, connected with tutoring services and provide outings increasing their ability to navigate the world around them.

We conduct conferences with the student, enrolled school, and student’s case management team to review progress, adjust academic plans, and renew enrollments. Each student has an individual education plan that assures the student’s educational potential and limitations, in relation to his or her academic ability, are effectively communicated to enrolled school and case management team. Regular study sessions are hosted with educational staff (tutors, mentors, etc.).

Our higher education assistance ensures each client has the resources they need if higher education is the post-graduation path they choose. This assistance includes scheduling campus visits for students interested in continuing their education along with admissions applications and FAFSA assistance.

Academic Enrichment