Our Mission

K.E.L.L.Y. Youth Services, Inc. also known as KYS established in 1998 an Ohio 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation operating group homes and independent living arrangements in Hamilton County, Ohio. KYS facilities range from 4 - 12 beds. We specialize in 24-hour private non-custodial group home, semi-independent and independent living programs that foster and empower living and learning for youth aged 9 to 21 years old. Our residential care setting programs develop individuals from substitute care to independently living responsible adults.

On a mission to educate, stimulate, and motivate youth to becoming self-sufficient, responsible, and employable citizens in the community. As part of our care, we assist and advocate for our clients to obtain continued education, vocational, trade school or job placement.

KYS welcomes male and female clients accommodating to gender not exceeding capacity. Our youth are referred to us through surrounding area agencies which assist with the placement of at-risk, abused, or neglected children. Our professional staff includes an Executive Director, Administrator, Psychologist, Education Director, Facility Managers, and Child Care Workers to assist children in achieving maximum growth and development.

Our Responsibility is to our client

KYS will assist and advocate for its clients to obtain continued education, vocational, trade school training or job placement. This will ensure all clients admitted to KYS will have a viable chance of becoming upright, self-sufficient, responsible adults because we believe although children may complete a program, success will truly come from having each child become employable and/or placed in a position to have an opportunity to succeed in life after living in a “Group Home/Independent Living” setting. 

KYS staff is responsible for all aspects of the care and supervision for children entrusted to them. Our philosophy is that all youth have the ability to succeed and become upright self-sufficient law abiding adults regardless of his/her situation and/or circumstances, if provided the appropriate environment, resources, and support. We at KYS are committed to providing the necessary environment, resources, and support to enhance each and every resident’s opportunity in becoming viable independent living responsible adults.