Kendall Walker | GH Facility Manager

Kendall Walker headshot

Kendall Walker | Facility Manager, RGH


Kendall Walker is a dedicated youth professional with over 6 years of experience. Known for his ability to inspire and bring out the best in teams, he has a relentless drive to succeed and a passion for empowering youth.

From Cincinnati, OH, Kendall graduated from Moeller High School in 2011 and Indiana State University with a Bachelor’s in Sports Management in 2015, and a Master’s in Physical Education in 2018. At Indiana State, he was a 2-time all-conference player, 2-time all-academic selection, and received the Missouri Valley Football Conference President's Council Academic Excellence Award.

Kendall excels in case management, crisis management, and running QMHS groups. His goal is to establish and run his own youth organization while continuing to build expertise in the child services industry.

In his free time, Kendall coaches varsity linebackers at Moeller High School, travels, and enjoys time with friends and family.