Independent Living Program

What It Is

A developmental program designed to help residents make the most of their abilities and increase their independence while living in their own (affordable) permanent housing. We locate and setup housing then assist by providing skills and assistance needed on a daily basis to help them grow and live independently prior to emancipation. 

What We Do

Assistance with arrangements for older adolescents in custody of the state who have been transitioned from higher level of care and/or separated from their homes, may have been disconnected from long-term family relationships, and may have assumed parenting responsibilities. These youth are placed in permanent housing situations where they can apply independent living skills and guidance acquired leading self-sufficient, healthy, productive, and stable adult lives.


  • Establish safe and stable housing
  • Display life skills and competencies including work readiness, achieve educational and financial growth goals
  • Establish healthy, supportive adult and peer relationships
  • Successful discharge/emancipation
  • Exude independent living and self-sufficiency